Where unique structural design experience leads to exceptional solutions , high-tech assessments, and reliable forensic and Design engineering services.

Structural consulting engineers with a proven record of deep technical experience across the fields of structural engineering, design, forensic assessment, repairs, and expert witness services.

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We offer specialist consultancy services that cover different market sectors including forensic engineering, engineering litigations, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, retail, residential, health, education, sport, defense, and structural assessments.

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Our projects vary to cover commercial, retail, residential, health, education, sport, defence, remedial, and structural assessment sectors.

Principal's note

“Millions could be wasted in the process of structural design, engineering project implementation, and engineering litigation matters. 

Yup, while it’s obvious that exceeding the budget is a real problem, delay in delivery, constructability issues, and structural defects are distinct challenges keeping firms, developers, and builders from achieving their goals.

That’s why we founded ALJ Consulting Engineers – to promote forensic engineering, structural engineering, litigation processes, and design services with a focus on quality, cost-effectiveness, value, sustainability, creativity, and innovation.

In a short time, we have developed a reputation for delivering work of the highest quality in record durations. The focus on economic designs has directly generated significant construction cost savings to our clients.”

Ayman ElTantawy

Principal of ALJ

ALJ Client Testimonials

Rouad Elayoubi

Managing Director of Alliance Project Group

Our experience with ALJ has provided multiple opportunities for them to demonstrate their high level of technical expertise, innovative solutions, and attention to detail while working on complex projects…

Khaled Diab

Director/Partner at ABA Group

ALJ design was a masterstroke! I would describe ALJ’s approach as due diligent, precise, professional, personal (treating the project as their own), and very…

George Hayek

Director at Harrington Lawyers

As expert witnesses, ALJ has handled large and complex litigious matters with great results. We find ALJ’s performance to be reliable, efficient and technical, and would not hesitate in recommending them as experts in litigation…


Director at Tony Owen Architects

Ayman’s approach was efficient and professional. He accommodated the new design without impacting the footprint of the building. His remedial and strengthening solutions were…

John Aroyan

Construction Manager at Nationwide Builders

I would have no hesitation with working with or recommending ALJ in the future due to the direct communication and technical assistance of ALJ…

Lui Guidone

Operations Manager at Northwest Construction Group

ALJ Develops structural design concepts that are efficient and construction feasible. Ayman and the ALJ team are easy to work with, responsive, and collaborative. I would not hesitate to recommend ALJ for any structural projects….