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Clients Love ALJ

ALJ design was a masterstroke!
I would describe ALJ’s approach as due diligent, precise, professional, personal (treating the project as their own), and very involved. The ALJ team assisted with all issues our construction team encountered. Their expertise has been second to none. Ayman’s knowledge was impressive. He led the way with the design stage by assisting our architects and consultants hand in hand while working with the pressure of delivering with such a restricted frame and achieving. Ayman’s pile extension method was so impressive that it has become the talk of the industry. It’s something I am proud to be involved in.

We purchased a project that was half dug and a development application was submitted to add another 4 levels that required another basement. The issue we faced was that the shoring had already been completed by the previous builder. Ayman, the director of ALJ gave us honest timelines and clear directions. The project was extremely complicated and Ayman was paramount in helping the construction team understand the complex construction methods we were facing.

My overall evaluation is a clear 10/10, and I would absolutely recommend them to other architects, developers and builders. Hats off to ALJ!

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