Structural Engineering


Our crew of talented engineers has been delivering multi-billion worth of projects across many market sectors in Australia, and around the world. 

Whether your project is a high-rise building, a complex structure, or a long-span roof, our experience and artistry are evident in each project we have worked on.

You are also in the right place if you are looking for expertise in the fields of: 

  • Slender structures
  • Sophisticated architecture structures
  • Environmentally responsive designs
  • Innovative structural designs
  • Structural Strengthening/Repairs designs
  • Structural Temporary Works
  • Structural Peer Review
  • Shoring Structural Design
  • Composite structures
  • Wind mitigation
  • Stress analysis
  • Protective design
  • Blast analysis
  • Economical structures
  • Structural assessment
  • Structural strengthening
  • Sensitive structures
  • Nodal structures
  • Vibration analysis
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis
  • Seismic & Wind Evaluation

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