Principal’s Portfolio

Ayman ElTantawy

Principal PhD St,MSc, CPEng, NER, RPEQ, MIEAust, M.ACI

Ayman’s experience spans two decades, where he managed high-profile projects and led design teams to successfully deliver a broad range of landmark structures locally and internationally.

ALJ director takes pleasure in handling projects of high-rise buildings, structural dynamics, composite structures, finite element modeling and analysis, and design FRP strengthening/repairing systems.

Ayman sustains an outstanding reputation among clients. He has been known to be a skilled problem-solver with a focus on safety, cost, constructability, and sustainability. Being aware of and involved in testing and implementing modern structural practices, he personally emphasizes on implementing sustainability and modern-trends in the design of all projects.

He participates in all design phases from concept to design documentation, and performs the final check over any submission before authorisation.

Key Expertise areas:

  • Slender high-rise building.
  • Implementing active/passive damping systems.
  • Structural wind mitigation process.
  • Buckling analysis.
  • Implementing effective hybrid of structural systems and materials to achieve cost-effective, buildable, and time-effective designs.
  • Value Engineering and construction feasibility.
  • Long-span roofs including stadium coverings.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about structural behavior.
  • Progressive demolishing design.
  • Deep excavation and soil retention experience and knowledge.
  • Composite and steel structures.
  • Strengthening, repairing and remedial works using traditional methods and FRP composites.
  • Market understanding of all costs associated with different structural systems and its influence in the construction program.
  • Successful leadership record with International consultants across the globe.

Professional Registrations and Affiliations

  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • National Professional Engineer Register (NER)
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)
  • Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia (MIEAust)
  • Member, American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Academic Credentials

  • Philosophy of Doctrine PhD – structural engineering. (FE modeling and simulation)
  • Master of Science ‘MSc’ in Structural Engineering. (Structural strengthening)
  • Master of Science ‘MSc’ in Structural Engineering. (Soil-structure interaction)
  • Bachelor of Science ‘BSc’ in Civil Engineering.


Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Daman Primary Hospitals – Kuwait

252 East 57th Street – NY USA

100 Leadenhall St – London UK

AlJahra Ministerial Complex – Kuwait

35 Hudson Yards – NY USA

Sabah AlSalem University – Kuwait

Guoco Tower – Singapore

China World Trade Center 3B – Beijing

AlHamra – Kuwait

Assima – Kuwait

The Avenues Shopping Centre – Kuwait