About Us

A Team with a purpose

We are a global structural engineering, design, forensic assessment, repairs, and expert witness services consultancy.
Our Purpose is to provide excellence in our solutions and services that add value to you, our clients, and the lives your businesses touch every day. We are committed to achieving that purpose through embracing innovation, objectivity, transparent communications, and attention to detail.

We work on lasting long-term projects. Aware of how much our work connects, influences, and interacts with the world around your business/project, we prioritize delivering the best outcomes in harmony with the surrounding infrastructure, services, environmental contexts, businesses, and people. That’s why innovation is at the front and centre of what we offer.

What we do

We offer specialist consultancy services that cover different market sectors, including forensic engineering, engineering litigations, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, retail, residential, health, education, sport, defence, and structural assessments. 

Our Expertise

What sets us apart

Our deep technical expertise enables us to develop a full view of your project. We see the big picture without ignoring any details. Complex projects are where we enjoy thinking outside the box to offer ideas and solutions others miss.

With the team of experts who were and are involved in delivering multiple landmark projects in Australia and overseas, we are ready to give you, your stakeholders, and society the seamless effective outcomes you are looking for.

Our promise


Millions could be wasted in the process of structural design, engineering project implementation, and engineering litigation matters.
Our Attention to project budgets and economic designs has directly generated substantial construction cost savings for our clients.

Timely delivery

Missing the deadlines of project delivery can be a significant extra cost.
We save you the trouble by committing to a clear timeline to deliver your projects without delay.

Added Value

We employ our creativity, expertise, and innovative solutions to add value on all levels.
We are determined to always find a better way, a better outcome, and a trustworthy end-product.


Safety is at the core of everything we do.
As a dominant value, safety is the mother of our transparency, quality standards, and collaborative approach. It calibrates our solutions, boosts our innovation, and gives you outcomes you can trust.


We promise you to have your interests at heart.
We take pride in our moral and ethical principles and follow them at all times.

Sustainability and green solutions

Our work is focused on developing sustainable solutions with optimal attention to the environmental, social, and economical perspectives of each project.
We believe that sustainable solutions generate financial benefits for you and a better future for next generations.

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