Our Vision

Our main value is a ‘can do attitude' with paying attention to every detail. No detail is too small or big to consider. All design aspects need to be investigated with deep details. That is what makes us different.

Our Core Values

Creativity, Innovation, Tailor made solutions

Value Engineering, Constructability, Feasibility

Client satisfaction, Relationships, Team Work

The Power Of Innovation

Australian construction market is a challenging environment, and in need to substantially more cost-effective project solutions than seen in recent times. We are passionate about being a leader of innovation and creativity within the industry. We have a demonstrated numerous exemplars of thinking outside the box to save our client’s time and money on projects of every size and complexity. In 2018 our innovative value engineering approach generated more than $2.8M in savings on construction cost for two existing projects, credit goes to creative alternative design solutions.
ALJ Consulting Engineering's culture is the basis of this strength and innovation. As a team, we provide extensive support and peer reviews to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Our team is our valuable asset, so we invest in them by providing ongoing training and by fostering an open culture where staff are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts freely and participate in decision making. We also offer flexible working hours and work-from-home options to nurture a healthy work-life balance, resulting in a happier and more productive environment.

Building Relationships

A key element of ALJ Consulting Engineers' success comes down to the emphases we place on building quality relationships and promoting teamwork. We looks at problems from the perspective of all parties to offer creative and practical solutions that satisfy the project objectives, not just the structural objectives.
For this reason, we collaborate with clients, colleagues, and fellow consultants to come up with the best solution for every project.